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Club news, social events and notices

General notices

Swim details

The Tewkesbury Leisure Centre, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5SX, will be open for Severn Vale swims on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays in each month with every fifth Sunday being a "costumes optional" swim for anyone who wants to see what our club is like but feels a little too shy to undress completely.  In addition to this, first time visits to a swim by any lady are now also costume optional For further details including swimming times, please contact the club on 07988 271760 or 07988 271750, or via e-mail at


Club members £5.00

Visitors £8.00

Loyalty Scheme

Free swims are now available, based on a loyalty card system for each member. When attending a swim with your membership card it will be punched, then when 8 attendances are accrued, the 8th swim will be free and a new card will be issued. Cards will not be punched retrospectively if it has been forgotten, and accrued attendances cannot be carried over from one club year to the next. Obviously free swim nights will not qualify towards the loyalty scheme.

Please note: It is important that all non-members contact the club before attending a swim for the first time. See the “contact us” page for details.  In addition, time can be saved at the door if you print and complete a “First Time Visitor Registration Form”. You can download the form here

Cost of membership

Currently, the annual cost of membership is £10.00 for members renewing before the last swim in June and £15.00 thereafter. New members are charged £15 for the first year only.

Swimming Coaching

One of our members has kindly offered to provide coaching and advice for any members wishing to swim more efficiently or improve their strokes.

On a trial basis this will take place on Sunday October 27th and Sunday  November 24th.from 7.30 to 8.30 pm in the swimming lane nearest the wall in the main pool.  For anyone unable to swim or needing more rudimentary help, advice will be available in the shallow pool from 6.30  to 7.30 pm.

Should this trial be a success, sessions could be made available on a more regular basis.

Social events

Summer Party 2018
Another successful Summer Party was held during July with a spread of food similar to the pictures below being enjoyed by everyone who attended.  Many thanks go to everyone who supplied such a great variety of food.

Skittles 2019
As our usual venue at the Beckford Social Club has closed, we will be holding this year’s annual skittles afternoon and buffet for swim club members at the Civil Service Social Club, Tewkesbury Rd, Uckington, Cheltenham. GL51 9SL. The event will take place a little earlier in the year compared to previous years on Sunday, 13th October. There will be no charge for the event, but numbers will be limited, with bookings taken on a first come, first served basis. We propose to start at 2.15 pm for 2.30 which will give us plenty of time after the skittles and buffet to go on to the swim.

Winter Party 2019
The Winter Party took place on Sunday 13 January 2019 in the Leisure Centre foyer and was a great success.. Thanks go to everyone who kindly provided such an amazing variety of food.

The Club AGM
The club AGM was held at 16:45 on Sunday, 28th April at the Tewkesbury Leisure Centre, with 21 members and 7 committee members present. All members attending benefitted from tea and coffee provided by the Leisure Centre management and a free swim after the AGM. The minutes of the AGM have been circulated with the May news letter.

Summer Party 2019
The Summer Party will be held on Sunday, 28th July in the leisure centre foyer as usual. There is no need to book and there will be no charge for the party.The swim will start at 18:30 as usual and will finish early for the party. Members and guests are requested to bring a plate of food to share for a finger buffet and the club will provide soft drinks, beer and wine. Please remember that china and glassware must not be brought into the leisure centre. Good food hygiene must be maintained and items that need to be kept cool (anything that would be in the chiller cabinet at your local supermarket - cooked meats, mayonnaise etc), should be brought in a cold bag, which will be opened just before the party. Please provide a label for food items that may not obviously contain meat, fish or nuts.

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